Welcoming 2019

Family Celebration at Vickers in Vicksburg

Do you remember when we counted down the months and days that lead to the year 2000?  That was a big Hurrah, the beginning of a new century and as always, the hope for something new and brighter.

That was nearly two decades ago, yet it seems so current.  My children, and perhaps your children, started families and had children of their own. The sound of Grandma Nancy became a welcome and familiar sound.  Reminding me once again of how The Beat Goes On.

Now we are celebrating yet another New Year, and with that celebration comes new hope and some resolutions.  Statistics share that those resolutions range from savings money, and losing weight, to buying a new home, or other self-improvements resolutinons .  I can not help you lose weight, but I can certainly help you purchase a new home.

When I returned to Real Estate business a year ago, I was delighted to be involved in the process of making clients and customers dreams come true again. Over the past year, I have had the privilege of helping many sellers get their homes SOLD, as well as working with purchasers in the process of finding their dream home. Nurturing has always been one of my natural characteristics, and I find it to be a useful asset in the Real Estate business.

There are many amazing properties out in this wonderful world in which we live. The market consists of lake frontproperties, large and small neighborhoods, high rise condominiums, small acreage settings, or large acreage farms.  Homes are like puppies…you will always know when you see the one you want.  Five seconds is what it usually takes to stimulate that “I want this home feeling”.  I often share that one should wait for that feeling, and then let me take care of all negotiations and closing details.  

It is curious and wonderful that some of the people that I once did business with, have recognized me again from my ads, even with the blonde hair.  If you remember me from years past and want to check in I would enjoy a conversation.  A lot has changed for me while I was on my sabbatical, I would like to think most everything changed for the better.

There are so many advertisements for just the right plan for 2019. I believe in having a plan, but I also know, from experience, that what Roberts Burns wrote in 1756 ….a poem To Mouse…“The best-laid schemes 0’ mice and men” jumps into our lives.  Indeed planning is great, yet understanding acceptance is also an asset. 

So, as I begin my New Years resolutions you get to hear and watch me fulfill this year’s hopes and dreams. Keeping in touch is one of my resolutions.  Please write to me with yours and let us catch up with each other’s lives.

The very Best Wishes to You and Yours,


nancysimmons@kw.com or n.simmons@att.net, Text or call: 269 342 2618 Web Page: Nancymsimmons.com

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