Captions for the collage:  Alexys is busy working on their new house. Myles is learning the skills of life. Brandyn and Maggie loving life. Ami and Jaxson having fun with autumn. Me enjoying the sunshine and my new listing. Wishing I could own a Lake home.


This is one of my favorite Christmas carols.  Can you imagine what it would be like if we could really have Joy for the whole world?  I pray that you and yours have an amazing finish to 2018.

May you have a safe, loving, and prosperous Holiday Season.

It is hard to believe that 2018 is coming to a close.  The older I get the faster the months slip away.  Each day when I awake, I thank the Lord for the new day, and a lot of other blessings as well.

Now that I have experienced my first year back in the real estate business, I thank God several times a day.  I thank him for the strength I need to do what is necessary for my clients and customers.

Marketing a home is not an easy process regardless of what you may hear from some news media.  There are so many steps from the first consultation to the closing.  It had been shared with me, when I first got back into this business, that technology and dot loop were the latest tools of the trade.  I was happy to discover that, even those tools work with precision, the fact remains that people still like to be nurtured along the way from the purchase or a sale to the closing.

Today’s mortgage world is full of amazing new grants and programs to help the first time home purchasers get started. Call me for details 269 342 2618.  They also have low-interest rate mortgages for those who are buying their second home, a cottage at the lake, or retirement condo.

I have a Web Page that allows for easy browsing of the properties that are for sale in all South and West Michigan.  The address is  No need to sign up or commit to anything, browsing is encouraged.

Who knows you just may see something that meets your housing needs.

May the Joy of the Season surround you.

Blessings now and in the new year,







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Cherish Yesterday, Dream of Tomorrow, Live Today

Cherish Yesterday, Dream of Tomorrow, Live Today
With that said–
Here I am at an Open House with a rainy, windy, storm
swirling around me and the house. I am not afraid at all
because now I am inside where it is warm and comfortable.
Putting up the signs, well that was a different story, I really
got soaked. While waiting for the customers to brave the
storm, I shall take a minute to catch up with you.

Now that we are nearing Thanksgiving, which by the way is
my favorite holiday, we usually begin to count our blessings.
So, I shall start counting:

I am so fortunate that even though I grew up in a less than
prosperous home, I have had the opportunity to experience
life at many levels. Sometimes life is great and everything I
touch turns to gold; other times life does not go well.
However, this is one of the joys of living in America, no
matter what level of life I am experiencing, the American
Dream keeps me going.

I will never know why God let me be born at this location on
Earth, but I am certainly glad that He did. I was fortunate to
be raised on a farm, where we learned how to work with
nature and our environment. Daddy had been in WWII, so he
was very proud of the freedoms that he and others had
fought for, and that same respect and desire for freedom
soaked deep into my soul.

Real Estate was not what I thought I wanted to do when I
grew up. I wanted to be a wife, homemaker and most of all

I wanted to be a mother. Having younger siblings and
babysitting for others early in life made me realize just how
much unconditional love a baby, a toddler, a young child can
give. I liked that a lot, so consequently on towards mother
hood I went. Anyone who knows me realizes just how
important my, now grown sons, David and Michael have
been in my life. If I could go back and erase all the mistakes I
made I certainly would, but of course that is nonsensical. As
children they filled my heart with love, and as adults their
families grow and make life endearing.

My clients and customers also become such a large part of
my life. During the weeks it takes to market a home or
orchestrate a sale, I really grow to care about the people that
I help with their real estate needs. Most often we stay in
touch for a long time after the closing.

Even though I became a Realtor because I wanted to be self-
employed, and help people purchase their first, second or
last home, it turned into an amazing career. So, each day I
start with an open heart and mind to discover just what may
be waiting for me to experience.

Yeah! I think the rain has stopped…I am off to search for a
rainbow. Oh wait, customers are arriving, and they are eager
to shop for their new home. Back to business for now.
Best regards to everyone and Happy Thanksgiving


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The Beat Goes On

      THE BEAT GOES ON…is a very uplifting song from the sixties. The lyrics of that song
still surface in my mind whenever I spend time with my children, grandchildren and great
grandchildren. Had someone told me, when I was a young adult, that I would still be
practicing my trade long after becoming a grandmother, I would have been a bit surprised.
I am, however, still enjoying every aspect the real estate business.

      When I returned to the business after a health sabbatical, I was amazed at how, even
though the information process had changed, the pleasure of helping people with their real
estate needs remains a passion of mine. The people I meet, both purchasers and sellers,
are a joy to work with. Each day is a new beginning. Someone or many people may need my
help each day. I also get to learn from the people I meet each day.

      It has been almost a year since I have returned. I admit it has been somewhat of a roller
coaster ride. First to team or not to team, that was a question that took three or four
months to decide. Not to team, was the decision, or at least not just yet. Most likely I
will create a team under the umbrella of Keller Williams. Since I ran my own business for
years it was very difficult to become part of a team culture, though I truly respect the
teams that have been created here at KW.

      Newsletters are far more fun when everyone contributes to its production. Do you have a
list of great “Air B & Bs”, an amazing recipe for a casserole, that is easy to carry to a
potluck? Did you, your children, or family member win an award recently, or have a
birthday, wedding or something else to celebrate.

      I know that we now use Face Book, Twitter, Instagram and so on for social media, but
sometimes it is fun to share the old fashion way, using complete sentences and paragraphs.

     With all this said I shall start sharing with some of my favorite quotes from a book that
Lisa Kreutz sent me when I was recovering from shoulder surgery.

“The Cave you fear to enter contains the treasure you seek.”         by Joseph Campbell

“Experience is a hard teacher, because she gives the test first and the lesson after.”      by Vernon Law

Happy 60th Anniversary Ken and Lee Evenson


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